North Carolina has made its mark on hip hop and RnB in recent years with superstars like J. Cole, Da Baby, and camps like Dreamville, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, 9th Wonder and Jamla, and many more bringing the talents and culture of North Carolinians to the forefront. 

It takes years of work for an artist to get their music to your headphones. A musician’s journey is riddled with challenges, barriers, and road blocks, but one avenue in this ever changing music game is consistent… the gatekeeper, the conductor, the DJ! The mixtape game is inextricably tied to the culture of hip hop! From tapes to cd’s, from cd’s to downloads; no matter the medium, the Dj has held the power to bring a track to the forefront.

One of the biggest and best to do it is the one and only DJ Drama. It’s seemingly impossible to speak of the greatest mixtapes without mentioning Drama in the same breath. Drama is undoubtedly on the Mixtape Dj’s Mount Rushmore and greatness gravitates toward greatness! Dj Double J is emerging as one of this generation’s best to grace the tables. Double J and Drama have officially teamed up to drop the mixtape entitled For the Win to kick off 2021 the right way! 

Double J and Drama have yielded their power composing a line up to introduce you to the future. For the Win is not only the title of the mixtape but a pledge, a movement, a lifestyle embraced to move the culture forward….

In it together • We all we got • Moving past failure, manifesting success. Ascension is the only goal. Therefore we keep it movin’ – Never back or down, always on and up. UNIFIED • FOR THE WIN ✊🏽 

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