M Sushi & The Crew

M Sushi is the Triangle’s first sushi restaurant dedicated solely to high-quality seafood. The menu is concise and purposeful, utilizing seasonal seafood received directly from Japan, Korea, and the US. 

The quality of the dishes is a direct result of their dedication to fresh ingredients and emphasis placed on maintaining traditional Japanese cuisine with Peruvian and Spanish influences. M Sushi specializes in traditional sushi and sashimi courses in addition to traditional and ceviche-inspired dishes.

The hot and cooked dishes also utilize the same fresh seafood from raw and ceviche applications. The concept and structure allow them to use various ingredients rapidly, ensuring consistency while maintaining fresh products throughout each dining experience. Every component seems carefully selected and tailored, creating delectable sushi dishes!

When you step foot in M Sushi, it’s clear they are committed to an all-around great experience. The aesthetics and ambiance create a swaggy atmosphere for a date night or night out with your crew. The menu features traditional rolls, specialty rolls, small plates, and shareable scoured sushi platters, taking your palette on a mouth-watering journey of fine dining. 

I would recommend the “Meals” option on date night – Lite Omakase, Grand Omakase, Nigiri Omakase, Bento, or Vegan Bento. The dishes are perfect for two guests to enjoy. 

If you enjoy an evening at M Sushi as much as I did, you will be pleased to know that this fantastic experience is not one of a kind. The M Restaurant group includes M Kokko, M Tempura, and M Pocha. Enjoy!