In an effort to support constructive community engagement in our storied city, we, it’s residents, must work hard to understand and accept one another as we are. For the duration of our stay, be it temporarily or rooted, it is imperative that we continually develop our palette of appreciation for the people that call Durham home. Nah, fo’ we get cookin’…let us prep by washing the proverbial meat and perhaps cleanse the stigma from the infamous term “Durhamite”; that we may live and dine together, in peace. 

Durmight does not simply imply a long time Durham resident, nor does it correctly apply as a label for a derelict local. Of course, it can be used as a deprecatory term packed with connotations of being poor and uneducated, however that definition is typically endorsed by the woefully ignorant and/or willfully miseducated. If you find yourself befallen in that spectrum of depreciators unjustly, don’t fret. I’m obliged to help guide you out if ig’nance wit’ a few gems.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a wide socioeconomic spectrum of proud Durmights. Among them doctors, lawyers, politicians, dentists, professors, spiritual leaders, educators, philanthropists, health & food service workers, students, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. You know, humans, the people that keep Durham going. To us, a Durmight is simply a person who works hard and vigorously supports the Bull City, otherwise known as the good folk prepared to represent/defend it against enemies or detractors. 

With the lesser known yet more applicable definition of Durmight at my core, I’ve often wondered ‘why the misnomer in the first place?’ Is it because of the unfortunate slant rhyme association with the word termite? Or perhaps, there is a fear based reaction to statistical analysis regarding Durham County’s reputable inhabitants.*

when polled, 100% of self-proclaimed Durmights say they “wish somebody would” call them a Durhamite maliciously. 

After vigorous research, I’ve come to find that there is no true justification, historical context, or phonetic responsibility to support derogating the term   Durmight. So let’s just agree to use the term appropriately; as it should be, as a term of endearment for our fellow citizens. If that’s too much to ask, then for the betterment of our community I’d invite you not to share your thoughts on the term. 

Durmight is Right. If you can not fathom that it is, in fact, a privilege to live and learn among Durmights, your stay in the Bull City is as undoubtedly fleeting as the bubble in which you’ve found comfort. When the time comes, Don’t let the door hit ‘cha. In the meantime, to help mitigate conflict, be mindful about not making people feel alienated in their own city by misusing the term durmight, for it will inexorably lead to a conflict worth resolving…on site, par local tradition. Finally, it doesn’t take an institution of higher learning to reinforce primary education. Don’t name call. It’s not cool. Beyond these minimums, feel free to ingratiate yourself in Durham culture that you may educate and enrich your existence through humble engagement with indigedurm



DUR•MIGHT /dər’mīt/ noun

Indigenous peoples of Durham, NC whose coexistence comes naturally.

“F’real, f’real, Bruh a true Durmight.”

“an inspiring display of Durmight behavior”

a hard working person who vigorously supports the Bull City and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.


in·dig·e·durm /inˈdijəderm/NOUN

Indigenous peoples of Durham, NC whose coexistence comes naturally.

“Love from Indigedurm is authentic”

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