Black August in the Park is a celebration of Blackness, a commemoration. This year was slightly different from past years due to Covid restrictions but organizers still delivered with the “Pull Up” edition. This year was tailgate style, welcoming guest form all over to enjoy Black music and community from the safety of their cars and virtually from home. Black August is much more than a show, it’s a cultural oasis, a community connection, reminiscent of a Black family reunion. BAP Organizers have delivered year after year with a commitment to creating spaces that inspire healing through Black joy with an emphasis on providing a platform for social justice organizations. 

Values: All of us . Move with Love . All Black Everything . Honor the Legacy of “Black August”


Raleigh’s Growing Food Scene

Raleigh’s food scene is known for its diversity and creativity, with various restaurants serving Southern and international cuisine. The city has a vibrant food culture

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The Land We Call Durham

To be a true Durhamight is much more than just the act of bringing your fists together with outstretched thumbs for the gram; it’s about cultivating community, nurturing authenticity, harvesting acceptance, and reaping the benefits of showing love. 

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M Sushi & The Crew

The quality of the dishes is a direct result of their dedication to fresh ingredients and emphasis placed on maintaining traditional Japanese cuisine with Peruvian and Spanish influences. M Sushi specializes in traditional sushi and sashimi courses in addition to traditional and ceviche-inspired dishes.

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It’s Oro For Me

ORO Restaurant is a gem in downtown Raleigh sporting a delicious menu with visual stunning appetizers, entrees, desserts, and cocktails. To compliment the dynamic menu, the exceptional ambiance makes for a beautiful evening on the town.

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Vidrio An Evening to Savor

Vidrio is a creative expression of the passion, people, and lifestyle that have embodied a timeless culture. An evening with Vidrio is an evening to savor, slowly. The dinner table is where we reconnect after a long day apart. A place to gather together and truly unwind over artfully crafted cocktails, bold wines, and plates made for sharing.” Vidrio is undoubtedly a gem in the Glenwood South district.

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