A southern metropolitan collective in the heart of the Carolinas

Get your urban hustle and bustle in our state’s capital Raleigh, give it the old college try on Franklin St., Chapel Hill, or find your cool in Downtown Durham. Whatever your tribe, you will find your vibe in the Triangle




Greater Raleigh-Durham Area

Welcome to the Triangle, a southern metropolitan collective in the heart of the Carolinas. You’re probably here because you have an excellent job, go to a great university, require access to top-tier medical facilities, or maybe you just moved here to get a sweet taste of southern hospitality without having to sacrifice global progression. Just take a look around, and you’ll see that the Triangle’s beauty lies in the amalgamation of people and cultures it’s come to attract. You don’t have to take my word for it; stay a while, and we’ll agree, no doubt.

Whatever your reasons are for your time in the area, be it for the “turn up” or collard greens, you’ve made an excellent choice. The Triangle features tender locations to create a memory, a comfortable place to raise a family, an open space to commune with nature, plenty of fine dining, and an urban canvas if you want to paint one of the three towns that anchor the Piedmont region. Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill together make the Triangle.


New to the Triangle or just here for the weekend. Check out upcoming events, outings, and dope spots for a little taste of that southern hospitality!

It's all about the Triangle

Talk of the Town

The Triangle’s Food Scene is something special, it’s like walking into the State Fair and seeing all of your favorite food trucks with the latest and greatest food inventions that’ll have your taste buds dancing! Simply put, it’s like a utopia for your palate! With tons of locally-owned restaurants and food trucks, you can visit a new restaurant daily. Every chef has their signature style whether it’s staying true to traditional southern flavors or infusing flavors we love into a one-of-a-kind dish. One thing is for sure, you might leave the Triangle’s food scene with a few to-go bags… but never hungry!

Brianna Aguilar

Brianna Aguilar

Curator os Sip Sip Spill: Just sharing the joys of my traveling tastebuds.... and maybe a few personal recipes and travel tips along the way!

M Sushi & The Crew

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It’s Oro For Me

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Vidrio An Evening to Savor

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